“Abrar Omeish is an extraordinary example of what the future can be for all of us. This is a young woman who is not only highly intelligent and well-educated, but has the courage of her convictions. I know because she worked for me and stood out as a person with all the characteristics of leadership that you could possibly hope to find in a person of her age. I strongly endorse her for the School Board because she both has the perspective of the students but the maturity of the parents and administrators.”

-Congressman Jim Moran

A strong desire to listen, learn, and act.

I'm excited to announce my candidacy for the Fairfax County School Board and can't wait to share my vision for the future of our wonderful school system with you.

Fairfax County Public Schools taught me to advocate for myself and others, to make the community around me a better place, and to keep fighting for what’s right. It taught me that the best communities give everybody a fair chance, and I want Fairfax County, the place I will call home for the rest of my life, to be up to that standard.

I have been incredibly passionate about making FCPS stronger and more inclusive and have extensive experience representing student perspectives in Fairfax County government in ways that include service on several School Board committees. Coupled with my robust policy and leadership background in the last four years, I will bring a strong voice for equitable education and young people in Fairfax County.

I will bring:

  • Genuine passion: I have care about everyone's needs; from students, educators, administrators, to support staff, transport staff, parents, etc.

  • Community engagement; A strong desire to listen and learn from community members about their needs, hopes, goals, dreams, and ambitions for the school system.

  • High commitment to integrity, morality, and ethics as a top priority.


Our campaign represents the experience, the character, and most importantly, the appeal throughout the county among students and educators to win the general election and to serve us well. We have raised notable funds in a short amount of time and have gained the highest social media following by far in this race.

We’re excited and ready to secure the Democratic seat and urge you to join us in doing so!


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