An advocate for students and teachers across race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, linguistic background, age, gender, immigration status, and familial structure.

There are many issues that School Board members must tackle, and I’m prepared with new and creative ideas that I’ve seen work on the ground. As an at-large member, I would be an advocate for equity across the county. While FCPS’s state and national rankings make us proud, some communities have been underserved. I’ve been blessed to experience the best of Fairfax County, but I also remember many of my friends not having the same opportunities. We are not successful until every student is able to excel regardless of their district.

I am passionate about finding innovative, ethical, and well-serving policies from listening carefully to the various stakeholders and understanding the diversity of needs throughout students and teachers. I plan to use a strategy of "targeted universalism" that caters to those with the most dire need to ensure accommodation for all. Below are some of the angles I hope to keep in mind when thinking through an FCPS issue area or project.

Please find more detailed and specific proposals in my responses to the FCDC questionnaire!

I hope that you will talk to me in more detail at community events about the following priorities and about issues that matter to you!



Salaries, benefits (including retirement and diversity accommodations), respect for unpaid time, hiring practices (includes opportunities for advancement and racial equality), appreciation.

Immigration status

Ensuring our schools are a sanctuary for all children.


Socioeconomic status

Achievement gap, students with jobs, discipline/susceptibility and prevention, nonprofit partnerships, technology alternatives.

Familial structure

Supporting all family types.

Implementation of portrait of a graduate (21st century skills) in conjunction with SOL requirements

Support for early childhood education (as studies show)  

Mental health

Peer mediator groups in schools, designated counselor for support, anonymous reporting, community partnership, rehabilitation, incentivizing SGA/SCA campaigns on bullying/suicide prevention.



Multipurpose space, principal/superintendent recognition of holidays, curriculum.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.15.58 AM.png


Achievement gap, curriculum, school naming-thought not limited to-race, bullying, role models.

Support for class size caps, good counseling, and attention for students

Budgetary limitations and impending deficit

Corporate partnerships, investment, alumni and family relations, adjusting for federal grants like environment and Title One, sin tax, collaboration with state government.

Need to complete the audit


Special Needs

Reexamining the special resident program, disciplinary practices; skill-building; considering community home models.



Adult high school, special needs.


Linguistic background

Parental support, School Board communication, back to school night.

Support for arts education

Including band and strings.

Facilities management issues

Environmental standards, capacity problems, portable classrooms, leaks/flooding, health standards.

Many students throughout the county are left behind or forgotten because access is only thought of in a particular way. Many are under-served and their needs are under-funded. Many lack the self-confidence in the face of difficulties like bullying, poverty, and difference to believe in themselves and their own exuberant potentials. 

I hope to be an advocate for all children, as much as I can, and to listen to the sub-communities who know best what their needs are.